Berufliches Umfeld/ Professional background




Arthur Gilbert for ever  

                         Robert Fitzgibbons

 Dave Bourdeau, Boris Batke , Petra, Tia Xie, Andreas Höfferlin, Brigitte Hellhammer




                                                                                            Together we are quite strong


                                        The wild ones                                                                             Who doesn't know Maurice Arregui?


                                                     Xavier, etc.

                      Hanh Tran. Anil Sharma, jfk, Beppe Ammato                                                                          Hanh at home

             We adore you Jean-Henri,  Prof Alexandre in Singapore                                                         Marc & the rest

                         thank you for Istanbul Prof Malazgirt                                                                                 again ?????

                                                                                            believe it : S.T.R.O.N.G. 

                                           Caro Andrea                                                                                           and Jean Bruyns

        Guy-Bernard Cadiere

                                                Do you still wonder why I adore my "job"?